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Parish Council

parish_councilThe Parish Council is the “clearing house” for all aspects of parish life. Chaired by the rector, led by the wardens, ten people chosen to represent the interests of a cross-section of members and groups meet once a month to prayerfully consider how best to move forward for the well- being of our church community. While finances and property concerns are knotty problems always at the top of the heap, there is so much praiseworthy activity in our parish that also fills us with joy. We delight in hearing Sunday School reports, the magnificent results of our Poverty Outreach Committee, and the social event and fund raisers planned by the Ladies’ Guild. However, our spiritual life, music ministry, forward planning, cementing our role in the larger church, and commitment to our church and village community is the underpinning of all that is done – with God’s love and guidance.

Chancel Guild

chancel_guildOur Chancel Guild presently consists of twelve members appointed by the priest, who leads the Guild. Our responsibilities include preparing the church for Sundays, or whenever needed for Holy Communion, baptisms, confirmations, weddings and funerals.

The Guild sets up Communion, takes care of and washes linens, polishes silver and brass, washes the vessels and provides floral arrangements. All Guild members help to decorate the church for special festivals, usually on a Saturday morning, working in teams of 2 with each pair working for a month.


Many boxes of mittens, scarves and socks were collected by the parish and were divided between the Cambridge Shelter and the Brant Food bank.

Poverty Outreach at Holy Trinity Anglican Church:  In 2006 we began an intentional outreach to support individuals and families touched by poverty. Since that time in goods and cash we have donated the equivalent of $14000 to the Brant Food Bank, Our Daily Bread Food program and the Cambridge Shelter.

We have three goals:

  1.  To raise donations of money and needed goods for our partners: Our Daily Bread Food Program at Grace Anglican, the Brant County Community Food Bank, the Cambridge Shelter.
  2. To raise awareness of the root causes of poverty and to build a strong and supportive community to reduce poverty in Ontario by 25% in 5 years.
  3. To involve the whole parish in an intergenerational outreach.

As a society we can do better, and individuals do make a difference.


The Choir, under the direction of Cathy Erskine provides musical leadership for worship at Holy Trinity Church. A blend of traditional and contemporary choral music is sung each Sunday morning while assisting the congregation in its singing. The choir sings at the 10 am service on Sunday between September and June. Choir practice is held on Thursdays from 7 pm to 8:15 pm.

Doug Livingstone Meditative Garden

gardenThe Doug Livingstone Meditative Garden began as a vision by several volunteers to change a vacant piece of land adjacent to the church into a delightful garden open to the community. The garden is now beginning to mature and the gardeners work to maintain it as a quiet corner for reflection and meditation. New additions are added to the garden, often as memorials or in Thanksgiving. In 2009 a walkway from the church to the garden was created. The Doug Livingstone Meditative Garden continues to evolve and grow.

St. George Christian Meditation Group

The St. George Christian Meditation Group , facilitated by a member of Holy Trinity, meets in the St. George Library on Tuesdays, October to June, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. All are welcome: beginners and experienced meditators alike. (Contact: The Reverend Canon Lynne Calhoun (519-448-1918).

In a world that is growing increasingly aware of its need for stability and depth the group provides an opportunity for people from the wider community to gather in a neutral location to join in this unique form of prayer which is so beneficial for spiritual growth and maturity. Christian Meditation is a simple way of being that satisfies our spiritual hunger by enabling us to experience the Spirit of Christ within us and to be nourished and guided by that experience.

Thursday Morning Group

The Thursday Morning Group meets for coffee at 10:00 am each Thursday morning to embark on explorations of faith. Books by present-day theologians, largely Christian, are the spark for lively discussions about the gospels and our present-day response to them. Sparkling debate, a bit of anarchy, and new reaction to time-tested ideas are prayerfully welcome. Newcomers, and new ideas are joyously greeted.

Ladies Guild

ladies_guildThe Ladies’ Guild began in 1954 and meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 1:30pm, either at the church or at a member’s home. Every Anglican woman is a member of the Ladies’ Guild regardless of age. The purpose is to unite all women in the fellowship of worship, learning and sharing, whether at church, in a nursing home, talking with a neighbour, or baking for a bake sale or church supper. We all have gifts to share that will deepen and strengthen our lives; we are women promoting peace and hope by reaching out to others in Christian service.

Prayer Group

Prayer is “the lifting of one’s heart and mind to God” according to Robert Fabing in The Spiritual Life. In Matthew 25:40 Jesus says “insofar as you did this to one of the least of these sisters and brothers of mine you did it to me”. This is the message of the Prayer Group. All through the year the prayer chain takes strength from these words to humbly welcome and respond to all prayer requests by lifting them to God.


And For Youth

youthSunday School at Holy Trinity Anglican Church

At Holy Trinity Church children are welcomed and encouraged to participate in worship. Twice each year we have a service specifically for young people where they read the scripture, lead prayers and provide music on instruments, such as piano, clarinet, guitar and, new this year, African drumming.

As well there is a class for wee ones from ages two to five and also a class for elementary school aged children. “Seasons of the Spirit” is the curriculum used in Sunday School to help the young people grow in faith.


The Holy Trinity youth worked hard to prepare brownies and rice krispie squares for the Cambridge Shelter. Of course, they had to make an extra large pan just to sample!

The Holy Trinity youth worked hard to prepare brownies and rice krispie squares for the Cambridge Shelter. Of course, they had to make an extra large pan just to sample!

Young People’s Group

The young people of the parish (ages 10 and up) will be meeting at least once a month for a social event, to learn about their faith and to contribute to the greater community.  They are asked to bring their friends to join in the fun.


Holy Trinity Servers

A group of about 6 young people share the blessing of being servers in Holy Trinity church. This unique and rewarding experience is an important part of their journey and is always open to new participants.