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Holy Trinity Church News

A new year has begun and with it, snow, ice and the cold winter winds assail us as we venture out of our homes.

A group of us from the church enjoyed going to the Theatre Aquarius production of “Joseph” in Hamilton in December.  It was a great time of fellowship as we laughed uproariously at times with the audience.

Five of our youth are heading to Thunder Bay this summer, along with two members of our church and Rev. Sharla Malliff, for the youth gathering of CLAY (Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth) from August 15 to the 19th. A recent fundraiser was a Paint Night at the Dragon’s Den in St. George. A fun, creative night was had by all the youth and adults who attended from the church, the village and the greater area.

Peggy Tolhurst honoured for faithful service

Giving generously is what our little church does! During the Advent season in December, we decorated an evergreen and surrounding area in our hall, with colourful, warm mittens, scarves, hats and socks.  This clothing went to Bridges (Cambridge Shelter) and to Grace church where both places were very happy to receive the much needed items.

An intergenerational re-enactment of the Christmas story took place the week before Christmas. Everyone had a part, including the choir who raucously played the part of the “city” by blowing noisemakers, making donkey noises etc. Kate Klunder played the part of Mary and her younger brother Scott played Joseph. Since Scott was a little timid to be up at the front on his own, his mom Ashley played the part of the angel holding Scott on her knee. By re-enacting the Christmas story, it is hoped that the young children will always remember the true meaning of Christmas in our materialistic world.

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In early January, we were made aware of the desperate need for any warm clothing to be given to the Cambridge Shelter and the Cambridge Food bank. Once again, boxes were quickly filled and dispersed.

The busy Christmas season has come and gone and the church is looking ahead into the coming Lenten season. On the evening of Tuesday, February 13th, beginning at 5:00, we will be having our traditional Pancake supper, sausages, baked beans and fruit salad. This evening is open to all!

As we move closer towards the week of Christian Unity, we are also planning to worship together with the United Church in the near future.  We believe that as we are all Christians together in this world, striving to follow Jesus throughout our lives worshipping together is an opportunity to experience the vastness of our faith.

Bishop Linda Nicholls came to Holy Trinity on January 14th and gave a wonderful sermon on how it was up to us to spread the Gospel out into the community. At the end of the service, she was able to bestow on Peggy Tolhurst, a much loved parishioner in our church, an award from the Anglican Church Women for 60 years of service.  Peggy also received an award for extraordinary service to Holy Trinity throughout all her many years in St. George. We were all thrilled for her!

Our Poverty Committee is once again working on our next outreach drive to start in a few weeks for helping those in need in Brantford.