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It is time to Stop, Pray, Work, Pray & Love

Need more time?  Join us in our Lenten Study as we explore our options!

Our church has decided to invite all our adults to participate in a program called “It is time to Stop, Pray, Work, Pray & Love”. It is a video series and accompanying workbook from the Brothers of SSJE designed to help people with their sense of time, achieve balance and embrace Sabbath wisdom.

The series asks people to think about how they relate to Time in their life over five weeks.

It is organized into three days of introduction followed by five week-long sessions on Stop, Pray, Work, Play and Love.  Each day there is a video, a provocative question and a call to reflect either in the workbook or via social media.

The series is designed so that everyone in our community can participate. Individuals can subscribe to receive the daily, mobile-friendly video by email.

More information is available at

You can download a workbook to accompany the videos.

As a community, we will meet together at 9am each Sunday beginning on March 3, 2019 to discuss what we’ve learned, as well as to support and pray for each other and for this community!