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Dear Friends.
     The Season of Advent is arriving in a few days.
It is the time of personal journey towards Christmas when we will celebrate the birth of the Messiah. The Son of God became one of us, sharing in our humanity so that we could share in His divinity.
      The yearning of the human heart for God is built into our DNA.
      St. Augustine wrote, “You have created us for yourself, Lord, and our hearts remain restless until they rest in you.”
     We need God whether we are aware of it or not, whether we like it or not. It’s a bond without which we would not exist.
     The Season of Advent helps us to focus on what’s true and everlasting.
It compels us to reach out to those with whom Jesus identified himself –
the needy, downtrodden, the suffering and the forgotten.
     Please join us on this journey of discovery as we pray, reflect and are guided by the word of God.
     May you have a Blessed Season of Advent.
     Rev. Mario