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Vacation Bible School

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A Note from the Wardens

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A Note from the Wardens

Holy Trinity church family is entering a very challenging and exciting time. We found out last week that Rev Sharla will start her new ministry in Windsor at the beginning of August. This means she will be closer to the parish of her new husband after their wedding at the end of June. We celebrate with Rev Sharla and Rev Paul as they begin this new adventure!

For us that means a period of discernment – how are we called to minister to the people of this village and surrounds?  The Bishop has supported our request to have some time to pray and reflect on our parish direction. We will have time to clarify our needs and stabilize our finances before we have a new Rector.

Let us pray for this time. Let us pray for unity of spirit and clarity of direction as we explore options and try to discern where the Spirit is leading.

We will have support from the Diocese for Sacramental ministry and during this time retired clergy will come in to lead us in worship. Rev Tim Dobbin will be in touch with us regularly to ensure pastoral needs are met.

Reverend Sharla’s last Sunday is June 23, 2019.

Please keep the Wardens, Council and parish family in your prayers as we follow Christ together, in love.

– Cathy Pickett and Bob Calhoun


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Amelia and Olivia Bouchard’s baptism

Parish Calendar for May

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Parish Calendar for May

Click here to view this month’s Parish Calendar

Holy Trinity News

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Holy Trinity News

Spring has sprung and Easter is almost here!

At the beginning of March, we joined with the United, Baptist and Glen Morris Church for the global, ecumenical movement which brings Christians of many traditions together to observe a common day of prayer each year. It was great to be together to share in this world day of prayer. Our Pancake supper was once again held on the Tuesday before Lent with delicious pancakes, real maple syrup, sausages and pies for dessert!

A Lenten Study, “It’s Time to Stop, Pray, Work, Pray and Love” took place once a week during the five weeks before Easter. There was a video, a provocative question and a call to reflect each day. As part of our ongoing commitment to outreach, we have been actively collecting items for Monica Place in Waterloo. Items and clothing for Infants and Toddlers, kitchen items, items for mothers, household items and creative items were generously collected by Holy Trinity parishioners. Trunk loads of these much needed items were taken where they were gratefully received.

With Easter rapidly approaching, there are church services at 7:00 pm Monday to Thursday and a 10:00 am service on Good Friday culminating with a joyous Easter Sunday service at 10:00 am to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. On May 5 th , we look forward to seeing our newest church members, twin babies Olivia and Amelia get baptized.

Parish Calendar for April

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Parish Calendar for April

Click to download the latest Parish Calendar.

Calendar March 2019

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Calendar March 2019

Click to download the March Parish Calendar

Message from your Outreach Committee

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Message from your Outreach Committee

This Lent your Outreach Committee encourages you to support Monica Place – a registered charity that supports pregnant and parenting youth. Your donation will help young families that are motivated to move forward in their lives.

  • Sunday March 10, 2019: Infant and Toddler – teething toys/necklaces, soothers, wipes, crib sheets, clothing (newborn – 12 mo.), thermometers, bottles, bottle warmers, diapers (size 4-6), bubbles, craft supplies, educational toys (balls, books, cars, etc.) sippy cups, bowls, cutlery
  • Sunday March 14, 2019: Kitchen – wooden spoon, measuring spoons/cups, scissors, potato peeler, can opener, paring knife, spatula, flipper, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans, cutting board, colander, cookie sheet, tin foil, plastic wrap, spices, oven mitts, dish cloth/towel
  • Sunday March 24, 2019: “Just for Mom” – non-slip slippers, socks, pyjamas, leggings, new clothing (SX-XL), hair products, styling tools, reusable water bottles, toiletries, cosmetics, lip and skin care, razors, feminine products
  • Sunday April 7, 2019: Household – non-slip bathmat, shower curtain (with hooks), toilet brush/stand, plunger, laundry basket/hamper, new towels/bedding/pillows, small table lamp, tool kit, first aid kit, paper towels (stand), tissues, mop and bucket, broom and dust pan
  • Sunday April 14, 2019: Creative – birthday cards, blank notes, origami paper, water colour paper, watercolour paints, artist tiles, sharpie markers, glitter and felt tip pens, sketch books, doodle books, journals, painting canvas, brushes

We welcome donations any time throughout Lent: $10 and $20 gift cards for stores including Walmart, Shoppers, Tim Hortons, Zehrs, Food Basics, Sobey’s, Michaels

It is time to Stop, Pray, Work, Pray & Love

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It is time to Stop, Pray, Work, Pray & Love

Need more time?  Join us in our Lenten Study as we explore our options!

Our church has decided to invite all our adults to participate in a program called “It is time to Stop, Pray, Work, Pray & Love”. It is a video series and accompanying workbook from the Brothers of SSJE designed to help people with their sense of time, achieve balance and embrace Sabbath wisdom.

The series asks people to think about how they relate to Time in their life over five weeks.

It is organized into three days of introduction followed by five week-long sessions on Stop, Pray, Work, Play and Love.  Each day there is a video, a provocative question and a call to reflect either in the workbook or via social media.

The series is designed so that everyone in our community can participate. Individuals can subscribe to receive the daily, mobile-friendly video by email.

More information is available at

You can download a workbook to accompany the videos.

As a community, we will meet together at 9am each Sunday beginning on March 3, 2019 to discuss what we’ve learned, as well as to support and pray for each other and for this community!

World Day of Prayer

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World Day of Prayer

The Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada invites you to participate in the annual World Day of Prayer which will be on March 1st this year.

The World Day of Prayer is a global ecumenical movement which brings Christians of many traditions together to observe a common day of prayer each year. The motto of the World Day of Prayer movement is Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action. Through our participation in the World Day of Prayer, we affirm that prayer and action are inseparable and that both have immeasurable influence on the world.

Locally we will meet at St. George United Church at 1:30. All welcome.